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You have probably heard the news of riots in the country of Haiti due to increase in fuel costs by the government. There has been no incidents or problems for the churches served by Independent Christian Alliance, but they have not been able to travel as freely as normal. Please pray for the government as they respond to the cries of people for help and for return to normalcy in the country. Pray that churches will powerfully preach the gospel in these trying times and God will move in revival power for change in all levels of society.

2018 ICA Haiti Bible Conference

The annual Bible conference for the churches of Independent Christian Alliance Church (ICA) was held in Carrefour Wednesday, January 3 through Sunday, January 7, 2018. 19 of the 26 active churches in the Mission were present with over 400 registered attendees. The Leogane church had the greatest number of attendees registered for the conference at 87.

The theme of the week was “Developing the Lord’s Church” based on the Great Commission verses of Matthew 28:19, 20; and Rev. Terry Major from West Virginia was the featured teacher. His teaching was powerful and helpful in focusing the people on the need for prayer and the power of Holy Spirit to energize the witness and evangelism of the local church. His topics for teaching were the qualities of the life of the Christian witness and the social tools God uses (like visiting shut-ins, serving in the church) in building the witness and fellowship of the church. He emphasized that no matter how good we get at the horizontal serving gifts of the church it is the vertical connection and power of Holy Spirit that changes lives and transforms the Church.

Saturday was a special day beginning with the annual parade from the church to the ocean for baptism and ending with the concert of praise presented by groups from the churches in attendance. There were 30 who were baptized and accepted into the churches of ICA. Over 13 groups provided special music for those in attendance on Saturday night. A heavy rain shower sent many people out of the service early. (The “home church” of the mission has still not been able to be fully enclosed since the earthquake of 2010 and so those in the back of the church are open to whatever the weather is – rain or hot sun. They were able to put up a large tarp to provide shade on Sunday morning for the large crowd in attendance.)

Sunday was the great closing worship service and celebration of the ICA churches. Approximately 1,300 were in attendance for this special time. Special music, preaching and teaching, powerful worship and the celebration of the Lord’s Table together are always a highlight for the many who were there. Everyone who attended was also given a “sack lunch” after the service (which is cooked on-site during the service)!

Rev. Andre Louis, the founder/director of Independent Christian Alliance Church had to miss the opening of the conference due to a medical situation before they were to fly to Haiti on New Year’s Eve. Medical tests found no problems so he and Ghislaine were able to fly on Thursday and arrive for the last few days of the conference. Everyone was rejoicing that he was able to attend the baptismal service and lead in the celebration of communion at the end of the worship service on Sunday.

History of the ministry

After being saved as a result of my mother’s being delivered and healed from the power of Voodoo sprits in Haiti, Andre J. Louis felt the call to the ministry of preaching the Gospel. He went to Prairie Bible Institute at Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. Graduated in April 1971, he returned to Haiti in September 1971 with his wife Gislaine Thevenin and his three children, Jean Ramy, Evens Handel and Ferl Jerry. Unfortunately his wife Gislaine Louis on September 29, 2007, went to be with the Lord and is now rejoicing in heaven with the saints.

In September 1971, Andre and Gislaine started a Church in a small room of their home 8’X10’, with 11 people including the members of their family. They began to hold services, and Andre had Bible studies with a few people, and could not get out of the ground, for not many folks were interested in his teaching and preaching which were not too demonstrative with signs and wonders. But around 1973, Ms. Rosana Dorceus was sick, had stomachache that made her suffer a lot. Her stomach became very big so that everyone was concerned about her. She was led to the Lord by the missionary ladies of our very small Church. We prayed for her many times, she was not healed until on a Sunday evening service, I prayed for many people by laying on hands on them. Ms Dorceus went home after she was prayed for. On the following Wednesday evening service, people were giving their testimonies. Ms. Dorceus stood up without the big belly she used to have and began by testifying, saying after she went home that night after that prayer, she went to the bathroom and passed through water 3 small dead snakes and three other smalls creatures whose English name I don’t know, but we call marocas in Creole.

Ms Dorceus was delivered from six evil spirits that took the shapes of small snakes and other creatures. The word went around and people who knew about her condition and that she was going to die came to the Lord when we witnessed to them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since then, the ministry started to pick up. When we preached, taught, people listened and got saved. The small room became too small to hold so many new converts. The Lord opened doors from foreign friends who sent their supports and we were able to buy a land at Carrefour where we built a Church that we entered in January 1975. Now we are averaging over 1,000 members in it.

Contrarily to our understanding to be the pastor of one church, the Lord opened doors for us to start new Churches in other areas in the country. This way we have been able to establish 53 churches, but due to the lack of fond, we could not continue with all them. About ten of them left us.