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In January of 2016 a team from SW Kansas went to Haiti to assist in the reconstruction of the church in Leogane. As part of that journey it was decided to look at the church in Brahobe that had been severely damaged by the earthquake in 2010 and see if it could become the project for 2017.

It was obvious that the building needed to be replaced and it was discussed moving the church to another area close to the present building so that the people could continue to worship in the shelter of the present building during the construction process. Estimates were that it would cost probably $60,000.00 US to build a new structure for the congregation.

Hurricane Matthew later that year changed that plan, though, as it further demolished the present church! The roof was completely removed by the strong winds and the walls were further damaged. The church people constructed a temporary shelter nearby using the metal roof pieces and wood they could salvage and then began clearing the ground for a new building.

Only two men were able to make the annual trip for 2017. With the limited funds they were able to raise the digging of the foundation was begun and the construction could be started. An architectural plan was accepted that would rebuild the church with a seating capacity of 200 at a cost of $40,000.00 US. The gifts brought by the men who came in January only allowed the foundation to be dug and forms to be made for the pillars.

Additional gifts are sought so that construction can continue. It is desired to be able to put up the walls and get the roof on before the rainy season comes and stops the movement of supplies. (The “road” to Brahobe is the river bed leading up the valley to the mountains!)

Gifts to the work of ICA (and the Brahobe project) can be sent directly to ICA (above address) unless you are needing tax-receipts. Then please mail checks payable to The D. M. S. Missionary Fund, P. O. Box 1578, North Wales, PA. 19454, with ICA in the memo.


Every year during the first full week of the month of January the Independent Christian Alliance Churches of Haiti gather at the main church in Carrefour for their annual Bible conference. This event is the highlight of the year for many of the believers who travel to enjoy five days of Bible teaching, music, fellowship and worship.

This year Pastor Kevin Lea of Washington State preached and taught on moral purity and holy Christian living. Many faith commitments were made throughout the conference. Over 30 new believers were baptized in the bay on Saturday morning after a winding worship parade from the mission house through the streets of Carrefour. Over 1,600 believers worshiped Sunday morning, shared the Lord’s Table together and enjoyed a meal prepared on the grounds by the ladies of the church before concluding the conference.

Rev. Andre Louis rejoiced with the people at the many reports of growth among the churches of his fellowship and also spent much time counseling and encouraging the pastors from the outlying areas. It is a lot of hard work from the main church in Carrefour, but a powerful witness to their community and opportunity for encouragement.


Pastor Leroy from the Leogane church has been in the States taking treatments for cancer for many months; please pray for complete recovery and ability to return to preaching soon.

Pastor Jean Marie had intestinal surgery early in the year and is making good progress in his recovery. Pray he can be back in the pulpit and active in the ministry again soon.


Please keep Pastor Andre & Ghislaine in your prayers as they deal with issues related to diabetes. It is hard for them to maintain a healthy diet for this malady in Haiti.


There is always ongoing needs for children to be able to attend school and have adequate food for learning and life. Contact ICA about sponsoring a student and/or giving to the active feeding programs at some of the schools that ICA runs.


Rev. Terry Major has been involved with Pastor Andre since 2009 and taken yearly work trips to Haiti in support of the work of ICA. He is now retired and living in WV; and is available to facilitate work trips to Haiti as well as share the work of ICA at missionary conferences. He can be contacted at: 68 Talbott Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25405; email:; phone: 304.702.6670.

Fraternally yours in Jesus
Rev. Andre J. Louis

History of the ministry

After being saved as a result of my mother’s being delivered and healed from the power of Voodoo sprits in Haiti, Andre J. Louis felt the call to the ministry of preaching the Gospel. He went to Prairie Bible Institute at Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. Graduated in April 1971, he returned to Haiti in September 1971 with his wife Gislaine Thevenin and his three children, Jean Ramy, Evens Handel and Ferl Jerry. Unfortunately his wife Gislaine Louis on September 29, 2007, went to be with the Lord and is now rejoicing in heaven with the saints.

In September 1971, Andre and Gislaine started a Church in a small room of their home 8’X10’, with 11 people including the members of their family. They began to hold services, and Andre had Bible studies with a few people, and could not get out of the ground, for not many folks were interested in his teaching and preaching which were not too demonstrative with signs and wonders. But around 1973, Ms. Rosana Dorceus was sick, had stomachache that made her suffer a lot. Her stomach became very big so that everyone was concerned about her. She was led to the Lord by the missionary ladies of our very small Church. We prayed for her many times, she was not healed until on a Sunday evening service, I prayed for many people by laying on hands on them. Ms Dorceus went home after she was prayed for. On the following Wednesday evening service, people were giving their testimonies. Ms. Dorceus stood up without the big belly she used to have and began by testifying, saying after she went home that night after that prayer, she went to the bathroom and passed through water 3 small dead snakes and three other smalls creatures whose English name I don’t know, but we call marocas in Creole.

Ms Dorceus was delivered from six evil spirits that took the shapes of small snakes and other creatures. The word went around and people who knew about her condition and that she was going to die came to the Lord when we witnessed to them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since then, the ministry started to pick up. When we preached, taught, people listened and got saved. The small room became too small to hold so many new converts. The Lord opened doors from foreign friends who sent their supports and we were able to buy a land at Carrefour where we built a Church that we entered in January 1975. Now we are averaging over 1,000 members in it.

Contrarily to our understanding to be the pastor of one church, the Lord opened doors for us to start new Churches in other areas in the country. This way we have been able to establish 53 churches, but due to the lack of fond, we could not continue with all them. About ten of them left us.