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Dear Beloved in Christ,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support that keep us doing the work of the Lord in Haiti. We continue to covet your prayers as we are operating in a land confronted with all kinds of imaginable troubles.

Political Situation

Since last year Haiti is undergoing a political situation which is not different from what it used to be for ages. We had a presidential, senatorial and congressmen elections which were very disturbing. At the first run off, President Rene Preval who could not run for another term, had his own candidate, Mr. Jude Celestin. But there were 17 presidential candidate. At the first run off on November 28, 2010, the candidate of President Preval lost, and Mrs. Mirlande Manigat and Mr. Michel Martelly went for the second run off. Despite our hope to have Mrs. Mirlande Manigat, a very moral person, it was Mr. Michel Martelly, a very immoral person, who won the elections as the Haitian president. We hope that the Lord may lead him in order to help the people of Haiti in their struggle.
Pray for Haiti so that the people may take a break under the government of this new Haitian administration.

Spiritual Activities

From the 5th to the 10th of January this year, the Bible Conference was held in Carrefour. Our speaker was Rev. Kevin Lea from Port-Orchard Calvary Church in Port-Orchard, Washington. It was a glorious time of rejoicing. Rev. Kevin Lea was a blessing to the people. His preaching and teaching were tremendous. I think that he himself enjoyed his good time with us here.

The Ministry of a Graduate from our Theological Institute of Ministry

After his graduation from our theological institute, Mr. Gumps Bazile was ordained pastor at the church in Carrefour. He was sent to the Church in Leogane where he felt the call of God to go and start a church in 2008 at a countryside place called Cassange. After a ministry of 3 years, he averages over 350 people in his church.

As he began to preach the Gospel of Jesus with the power of God, the power of the devil was weakening in the area. A 23 year old lady who was the queen of a group of evil spirit possessed people who used to meet at night to hunt people and sacrifice them to the devil went and accepted the Lord. Her conversion put the group in a great disarray, especially her dad who was the head of that group. The devilish group decided to kill her by witchcraft. They organized during a night a voodoo ceremony to kill her. While she was at a prayer meeting at that time, she felt dead. One of the believers asked the Christian group to start to pray in order that God may take away the soul of that girl from the hands of the devil. So, after a long corporate prayer, the girl woke up from the sleep of the dead and began to praise God and now continue to serve her Master, Jesus Christ. While she was in that sleep, she saw a group of people were beating her and she was in great pain. But the power of the Holy Spirit went and delivered her. Praise the Lord. Many other witch doctors came to the Lord, because the Voodoo power they had left them. I went to visit that Church on April 3, this year, a lady who used to belong to a group accepted the Lord as her personal Savior. Cassange is now in great revival. Praise the Lord!

At the Bible Conference, we had people who came from 27 different Churches. The other Churches did not attend because they did not have money to pay their transportation. But those who were in attendance were overjoyed because of the refreshing time and the instructive teaching that Rev. Kevin Lea was able to deliver with conviction and strength.

On Saturday morning, we had a baptism service in the Caribbean Sea where candidates came from those Churches and were baptized in the number of 37. It was an exciting time of rejoicing. The people gathered on the yard of the Church at 6.00 A.M, and walked to the Sea for over a mile in the exhilaration of a joyful noise. A float was animated by good song leaders and musical instruments players accompanying the mass of Christians exalting the Wonderful Name of Jesus throughout their march toward the Sea. But the unsaved stood by the streets, admiring the joyful songs and parade of the Christians, or joined our crowd to rejoice in the Lord with us. It was a great witness to the Lost. Praise the Lord!


1.The Buildings at Leogane

The earthquake of January 12, 2010 has caused a lot of damages to our churches and schools. Three schools: Kindergarten, primary and high school at Leogane felt flat down, beside the church. The students and the church people started to meet under tents.
Since October 2010, through good partners help, we started to build for the high school students there. We hope to get it ready for the students to enter in it next September. Thanks to all those who are a part of this construction.

The Bethany Bible Church at Leroy, Minnesota, sent us a good gift that we use to help build the church in Leogane which averages 600 members. We hope to start it after the builder will finish the high school building there.

2.The Church Building at Fauche

The church building at Fauche was collapsed by a hurricane in August 2008. The faithful had to meet under a tent where they could not hold services when it rained. The Pierceville Federated Church sent us some fund with Pastor Terry Major and his wife Martha to start a building to shelter the people. In March, 10 brothers and sisters from Monetville, Ontario, Canada led by Rev. Phil Lichty and his wife, Sharon, brought some more fund to continue the work. Before long, the church people at Fauche will be able to worship the Lord and enjoy themselves in that church. The Church at Fauche counts over 300 members. Thank God for those supporters who were willing to take a great part in His work.

3.The Church at Carrefour Dufort

Pastor Dikinson Maurice is a graduate of our theological institute. When he got that church in Carrefour Dufort, 10 years ago, it had about 30 people. He put into practice the teaching he learned from the institute: Evangelism, Bible studies, doctrines, expository preaching, etc. A lot of people began to be saved and attend his church. Because of so many people who got saved all the time through evangelization, preaching, bible studies, he had a baptism service every two months or less. The church grows to about 500 members. Praise the Lord!

However, though the numeric growth of that church, it was badly hit by the earthquake of the hurricane of January 12, 2010, that completely destroyed it. Now, the people are meeting under a tent so that they cannot gather together in it when it rains. It is why we urgently need your financial help to start build a church for those dear Saints and Christian workers in the Lord. You can give as “you purpose in your heart” (2 Cor. 9:6): $10, 15, 20…$1000, etc.

The people in Carrefour Dufort rely on you in the love of Jesus to help them build their church in order to continue their ministry of winning souls and teaching them in the Lord’s Word how to prepare them for the kingdom of God.
Please help us as you can.

Fraternally yours in Jesus

Rev. Andre J. Louis

History of the ministry

After being saved as a result of my mother’s being delivered and healed from the power of Voodoo sprits in Haiti, Andre J. Louis felt the call to the ministry of preaching the Gospel. He went to Prairie Bible Institute at Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. Graduated in April 1971, he returned to Haiti in September 1971 with his wife Gislaine Thevenin and his three children, Jean Ramy, Evens Handel and Ferl Jerry. Unfortunately his wife Gislaine Louis on September 29, 2007, went to be with the Lord and is now rejoicing in heaven with the saints.

In September 1971, Andre and Gislaine started a Church in a small room of their home 8’X10’, with 11 people including the members of their family. They began to hold services, and Andre had Bible studies with a few people, and could not get out of the ground, for not many folks were interested in his teaching and preaching which were not too demonstrative with signs and wonders. But around 1973, Ms. Rosana Dorceus was sick, had stomachache that made her suffer a lot. Her stomach became very big so that everyone was concerned about her. She was led to the Lord by the missionary ladies of our very small Church. We prayed for her many times, she was not healed until on a Sunday evening service, I prayed for many people by laying on hands on them. Ms Dorceus went home after she was prayed for. On the following Wednesday evening service, people were giving their testimonies. Ms. Dorceus stood up without the big belly she used to have and began by testifying, saying after she went home that night after that prayer, she went to the bathroom and passed through water 3 small dead snakes and three other smalls creatures whose English name I don’t know, but we call marocas in Creole.

Ms Dorceus was delivered from six evil spirits that took the shapes of small snakes and other creatures. The word went around and people who knew about her condition and that she was going to die came to the Lord when we witnessed to them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since then, the ministry started to pick up. When we preached, taught, people listened and got saved. The small room became too small to hold so many new converts. The Lord opened doors from foreign friends who sent their supports and we were able to buy a land at Carrefour where we built a Church that we entered in January 1975. Now we are averaging over 1,000 members in it.

Contrarily to our understanding to be the pastor of one church, the Lord opened doors for us to start new Churches in other areas in the country. This way we have been able to establish 53 churches, but due to the lack of fond, we could not continue with all them. About ten of them left us.