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Dear Beloved and Partners in the Wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ
Greetings in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior

We want to thank you for your love, concern, support and prayers for the Work of our Savior Jesus Christ whose name is above all other names. It is with great joy that we are informing you about what has happened and is happening in Haiti. We are considering the Bible Conference in January, the farming program at Paillant, the flood that has destroyed lot of the agricultural parts and many houses of the poor people, and the church built by the Kansas' team led by Rev. Terry and Mrs. Martha Major.


Every year, we hold a Bible Conference at our headquarters Church in Carrefour, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, the Capital of Haiti, where we always have guest speakers. This year we had the honor to have Mr. Mark L. Maxwell, President of Prairie Bible Institute, in Canada, and his wife Elaine and daughter Charlotte Maxwell. Mr Mark and Mrs. were very wonderful in exposing their themes to the assemblies that were much excited about the good teachings that they received from those talented and knowledgeable speakers. We had a tremendous time in the Lord. The people came from different country churches. Some 26 of them were in attendance. Many of the church people did not come, because they did not have any money to pay their transportation. Some churches did not have anyone to represent them at those big Christian ceremonies for the same reason.


The Independent Christian Alliance Church bought 6 acres of land at Paillant, a township located in the county of Miragoane. There they planted cabbages, sweet potatoes, yucca, beans, peas, etc.
This land is very fertile, but we did not have money to exploit it properly. A group from Pastor Terry Major's team went to Paillant with me. They fell in love with the place, and one of them decided to have an agronomist to work there and to produce food for the people. Our agronomist hired many people to work with him by using archaic tools like hoes, scythes, etc. but not modern tools like tractors. They will have a crop of peas in June, and the crop of yucca and sweet potatoes will be ready later on. Thank God!


In the middle of May, a torrential rain accompanied with strong wind hit Haiti and had caused many damages. There was flood in many places of the country, like in Borgne where the people lost their crops, their animals and their houses. They need shelters in many parts of the country where that temporal disaster had struck. This serves to increase the famine of our nation which seems to be chronic. Church people come to us looking for assistance. Now, we come once more to make this situation known to you in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


In the 80's ICA has opened a church at Fauche where the congregation was growing very fast in number, but with no means to build a construction to gather them. A group from Ontario, Canada and one from Kansas led by Pastor Terry Major came to Haiti and put the foundation for a church while the people were meeting in a very small place where they had to rent chairs to worship the Lord. In February, this year, this team from Kansas came back to Haiti and built a good size edifice for them. Now they are meeting in a very nice and big building rejoicing and thanking the Lord for His great blessings. They were adoring the Lord on rented chairs, but now they are praising Him on new benches, for the Kansas team had made 37 big benches for them. They have now more benches than they have people to fill them.
This team is planning to form another team to return to Haiti in February 2015 to help rebuild a church in Leogane or at Brahobe. Those churches were, the first one completely destroyed ,and the second very damaged by the earthquake of January 2010.
The new building serves as a means to bring more people into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Many people joined in because they find a nice place to worship the Lord, others accepted the Lord because of the church members' involvement in evangelization. Because of the new construction, about 25 new people are added to the congregation. Thank to God and to the Kansas team who went and built a building and benches for those Christians at Fauche. Thanks all who have participated in this project of great importance for the kingdom of God
We will appreciate anyone or any church who fraternally wants to come to help us build or restore one of those churches where the congregation is extending to you the Macedonian call: Come and help us. If you want to respond to the call, please make arrangement with Pastor Terry Major at this number 620-335-5228

Please continue to pray that we may be able to fulfill efficaciously our mission here in Haiti.

Fraternally yours in Jesus
Rev. Andre J. Louis

History of the ministry

After being saved as a result of my mother’s being delivered and healed from the power of Voodoo sprits in Haiti, Andre J. Louis felt the call to the ministry of preaching the Gospel. He went to Prairie Bible Institute at Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. Graduated in April 1971, he returned to Haiti in September 1971 with his wife Gislaine Thevenin and his three children, Jean Ramy, Evens Handel and Ferl Jerry. Unfortunately his wife Gislaine Louis on September 29, 2007, went to be with the Lord and is now rejoicing in heaven with the saints.

In September 1971, Andre and Gislaine started a Church in a small room of their home 8’X10’, with 11 people including the members of their family. They began to hold services, and Andre had Bible studies with a few people, and could not get out of the ground, for not many folks were interested in his teaching and preaching which were not too demonstrative with signs and wonders. But around 1973, Ms. Rosana Dorceus was sick, had stomachache that made her suffer a lot. Her stomach became very big so that everyone was concerned about her. She was led to the Lord by the missionary ladies of our very small Church. We prayed for her many times, she was not healed until on a Sunday evening service, I prayed for many people by laying on hands on them. Ms Dorceus went home after she was prayed for. On the following Wednesday evening service, people were giving their testimonies. Ms. Dorceus stood up without the big belly she used to have and began by testifying, saying after she went home that night after that prayer, she went to the bathroom and passed through water 3 small dead snakes and three other smalls creatures whose English name I don’t know, but we call marocas in Creole.

Ms Dorceus was delivered from six evil spirits that took the shapes of small snakes and other creatures. The word went around and people who knew about her condition and that she was going to die came to the Lord when we witnessed to them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since then, the ministry started to pick up. When we preached, taught, people listened and got saved. The small room became too small to hold so many new converts. The Lord opened doors from foreign friends who sent their supports and we were able to buy a land at Carrefour where we built a Church that we entered in January 1975. Now we are averaging over 1,000 members in it.

Contrarily to our understanding to be the pastor of one church, the Lord opened doors for us to start new Churches in other areas in the country. This way we have been able to establish 53 churches, but due to the lack of fond, we could not continue with all them. About ten of them left us.