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The Biography of Pastor Andre J. Louis

I was born in a Voodoo family in Haiti, the poorest country in the northern hemisphere, but only 600 miles off the shore of Miami, Florida. Indeed, my mother was a medium of two spirits who used to possess her in my presence to heal people. But in September 1949, she became ill with stomachache, headache, vomiting, and she could not keep anything in her belly, neither walk. She became sicker and sicker every day. She called upon her spirits for help. They came and possessed her one by one, told the people attending the séance what to do for her treatment. They did so, but my mother’s health was not improved. She consulted many witch doctors for her healing. They ordered all kinds of voodoo ceremonies and sacrifices. My mother spent all the little money she had on those rites, and no help came out of the witchcraft.

Her brother Cenet Mardy witnessed to her and told that if she believed and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, He could heal her. She replied that she already had Jesus as her Savior, because she was a Catholic. It is to remember that the Haitians practice a Voodoo-Catholic syncretism. My uncle told her that she did not have Jesus Christ, for Jesus and the spirits are completely opposed. Those who serve Jesus are forbidden to serve the spirits, i. e., the soldiers of Satan who is the strongest enemy of God. In order to accept Jesus and to receive His pardon and His healing, she had to abandon her spirits, give her idols to be burnt and then she could accept Jesus who would have mercy on her and heal her. So, in September 1949, she gave all the fetishes and idols she had to the Christians who led her to the Lord. The people of that Church went and prayed for her two or three times a day, and on December 24, 1949, she became so well that she could walk to Church which was at a distance of about 5 miles one way, from her house, in order to attend the Christmas eve service.

As I witnessed the fact that Jesus healed my mother without any medical help, I went on a Sunday morning of February 1950, at the same Church and gave my heart to Jesus Christ.

When my mother was spending her money on evil spirits, she had no money left to help me with my school and I dropped my classes. After recovering from her illness through the power of the Holy Spirit, she sent me back to school to enter 7th Grade at the age of 16 years.

I finished high school, entered university, became a teacher and an anthropologist. Then, I felt the call for the ministry of preaching the Gospel. I entered Prairie Bible Institute at Three Hills, Alberta, Canada and graduated in April 1971. I returned to Haiti in September of the same year, and started a Church with 11 people. The beginning was very painful and slow, as people hardly came to be saved. We kept on teaching and preaching the Word of God. But one time some ladies led to the Lord Mrs. Rosana Dorceus who suffered with great stomachache and developed a very large stomach. After many times of unfruitful prayers on her behalf, one Sunday evening, we had a prayer line when I laid hands on many sick people. Mrs. Dormeus was prayed for and went home. She returned to the Church on the next Wednesday evening service. She stood up to testify, but her stomach was very flat, and she looked very skinny compared to her previous appearance. She said that after she returned home after prayer that Sunday evening, she went to the bathroom, and passed with water through her vagina 3 small dead snakes and three other small insects whose English name I do not name I don’t know, but maroca in Creole. The Lord cast 6 demons out of her and she became completely delivered. This testimony spread around and led many other people to the Lord.

Through the preaching, the teaching of the Word of God, and the exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Church we started with 11 souls in 1971 now counts over 800 members.

I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to be engaged in evangelistic endeavor, I went to different places in Haiti to plant Churches; we now have established 53 Churches, as said before.

The poverty in the country is so alarming that children are dying of all kinds of sicknesses - diarrhea, worms, vomiting, acid, malnutrition, starvation etc. – and that we had to be involved in helping the poor. We started three clinics to assist the sick in Carrefour, Carrefour-Dufort and Decouze. We had to close them because of lack of funds. In 1983, we opened a vocational school in which we taught mechanics, electricity, electronics, sewing, cooking, iron-smith, etc; but we also had to close it for the same reason.

The striking needs of the people constrained us to have now planted 21 elementary schools, 2 high schools, a feeding program within 16 of those schools with one meal every other day. Due to the lack of funds, we have to discontinue the program sometimes and to resume it later on, as said previously.

Haiti has no welfare system to help the elderly. Those who do not have any children to care for them are condemned to die of starvation at the beginning of their old days. This situation compelled us to open a widow home for the elderly where we admit a few widows to comply with the command of the Lord given in James 1: 27.

Our main emphasis in the ministry is to equip people for the service of the Lord. Thus, we opened a Theological Institute of Ministry where pastors, students and Christian workers from different denominations come to study the Word of God. Through this effort, many new Churches have been planted in different denominations through the students who went out and practiced the techniques they have learned from the institute.