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The saving of souls carries with it the burden of caring for the needy. Most of the places where we started a Church had no schools to send the children who were being brought up illiterate; some parents could not feed and care for their children at home; some widows had no places to live in. This situation led us to be involved in the following program:

  1. The Schools. Because the Haitian Government could not provide schools for all the children, like other Christian Churches we began to start an elementary school within 21 areas and 2 high schools.

    The children began to go to school and finish 6th grade. Some continued their studies up to 12th grade. Others went to the Government University which is free and were able to learn a profession so that they became self-supporting and were able to take care of themselves. Thank God!

    In spite of providing the school buildings, benches and teachers that we paid for the students, the latter ones had a hard time to come to school, because most of them did not eat anything at home before going to school. With the financial helps of good Christian supporters in the US and Canada, we were able to have a feeding program within 16 elementary schools and 2 high schools. The fond became scarce and we had to close them. Three years ago, a good brother and friend from Olalla, Washington sent us $1,000 a month, and some other people and organizations are sending some money for the feeding program every month and we are now able to resume the feeding program within 8 elementary schools and 1 high school. Many other school children are waiting to have a free meal in school every other day. 15 dollars a month will feed a child.
  2. The Orphanage. The parents are so destitute that they are unable to feed and lodge their children. The Independent Christian Alliance Church since 1983 opened an orphanage which is rather a children home where we take children from parents who can not provide for them. Many children who attended this place were able to finish their high schools and graduate from universities or learned a profession that allows them to be now on their own to provide for themselves and their families. Some of them are physicians (medical doctors), school teachers, electricians, carpenters, preachers, Bible teachers, etc. This was made possible because some supporters helped those children with US $25 a month. We used that amount to pay for their food, tuition, books and clothes. When some of them got sick, we had the problem of paying for the doctors’ consultations and prescriptions. But the Lord always sent a Good Samaritan who unexpectedly sent us some money to cover those expenses. But now, the number of the kids in the orphanage is down, because of lack of supporters. We will appreciate the support of anyone who would feel led to sponsor a child in the children home in order to have more needy children in that place.